The Great Rift

It Begins

Having received a strange un-signed letter from a messenger bearing the king’s seal, our adventurers have met at the border town of Elistad to see a Cleric of the Watchers. They have been tasked to recover 3 fragments of an Artifact known as the Taleescop in hopes of unraveling the mystery of a prophecy claiming that a great ‘rift’ will soon open and end the world.

The first fragment is a trophy being kept by a Goblin king in a nearby camp, recently stolen from the cleric it must be recovered.

The second fragment lies in the hands of the recently defeated Orc tribes that have been annexed by the King in a tense peace.

The final fragment’s location is not yet pinpointed, but seems to be located within the keep of the reclusive mage Dagair.

Will they be able to recover this artifact, and be able to peer beyond the horizon to see if the portend holds true? Time will tell.

The backstory

It is a time of peace, and the end of an age of struggle. Through many recent military victories, and the decisive battle at Luprag, King Daniel has expanded his kingdom larger than many dreamed possible. The Orcs lie in ruins, their warchief humiliated on the field of battle. The straggling remnant tribes are now ‘at peace’ with the humans as their spirit is broken and their territories annexed.

However, as the new age of peace begins to settle, the Clerics of Fharlanghn (known as The Watchers in human lands) have read of a prophecy of the Apocalypse. They believe this time is now and the world will soon end. Fear-mongering is the last thing Daniels people need after such a long-fought war, is it true?

The populace does feel a stirring inside them. Will the Great Rift come to pass? What does the prophecy say? Can we avoid the impending end? Only time will tell.


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