The Great Rift

Victory and Defeat

The citizens of Axis have been vaulted from the demonic plane back to the ruins of Axis. No one has heard from the king or members of the ruling class since the incident. Town guards quickly are dispatched to restore order to the fallen city as those who survived now fight for their ongoing survival in the anarchy that ensued.

Two of our heroes vanished during a final confrontation, and two of the remaining ones took a mild ‘tribute’ from the ruins of the fallen city. What now will become of Axis, and will any more rifts appear within its shattered walls?

Cold day in Hell

The reinforcement of the recently ‘repossessed’ stronghold has bought the villagers of Axis a little more time to escape the clutches of the Warmonger Devil. Having drawn most of the Lemures to himself Zenir, Maximillion and the devils disappeared in a blinding flash of light. Left to fend for themselves, Garomonde and Radlovic attempted to hold the line against the remaining devlish horde and its leader.

A sudden surprise visit from Childermas helped turn the tide against the marauding Levaloch. Having forced a teleporting retreat, the group recovered and tried to find the last keystone to bring them home.

Garomonde has divined the location of the last keystone, and after a dangerous encounter with some Imps, our party is close to recovering it.

Goblin have big power

Having secured the first artifact, the party set up camp outside the Orcish territory, however it wasn’t long before Holly decided she wanted a second helping of treasure. Maxwell quickly trailed after her to hopefully talk their way out of whatever trouble she found.

This left the ‘ever so brave’ Lucant alone with their guide until meeting up with a cleric of Pelor. Having been asked to provide aid on behalf of the clerics of the watchers, the three of them quickly discovered the aid was just in time. The three of them set out to the goblin camps to pickup the last artifact, only to find a number of nasty simple traps setup by the devilish creatures.

Making their way through the perimeter, they found the goblins happily dancing around a bonfire. The party charged forward into the camp and with some quick spells and swords easily dispatched the attack. Talking to some of the captives (after confusing Lucant about weather or not they should all die or be spared) they discovered the larger goblin camp nearby held the tube portion of the artifact, and that these goblins ‘have big power’.

What is in store for them now as they head to the goblin camp?

It Begins

Having received a strange un-signed letter from a messenger bearing the king’s seal, our adventurers have met at the border town of Elistad to see a Cleric of the Watchers. They have been tasked to recover 3 fragments of an Artifact known as the Taleescop in hopes of unraveling the mystery of a prophecy claiming that a great ‘rift’ will soon open and end the world.

The first fragment is a trophy being kept by a Goblin king in a nearby camp, recently stolen from the cleric it must be recovered.

The second fragment lies in the hands of the recently defeated Orc tribes that have been annexed by the King in a tense peace.

The final fragment’s location is not yet pinpointed, but seems to be located within the keep of the reclusive mage Dagair.

Will they be able to recover this artifact, and be able to peer beyond the horizon to see if the portend holds true? Time will tell.

The backstory

It is a time of peace, and the end of an age of struggle. Through many recent military victories, and the decisive battle at Luprag, King Daniel has expanded his kingdom larger than many dreamed possible. The Orcs lie in ruins, their warchief humiliated on the field of battle. The straggling remnant tribes are now ‘at peace’ with the humans as their spirit is broken and their territories annexed.

However, as the new age of peace begins to settle, the Clerics of Fharlanghn (known as The Watchers in human lands) have read of a prophecy of the Apocalypse. They believe this time is now and the world will soon end. Fear-mongering is the last thing Daniels people need after such a long-fought war, is it true?

The populace does feel a stirring inside them. Will the Great Rift come to pass? What does the prophecy say? Can we avoid the impending end? Only time will tell.


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