Maxwell Iminaris


Living near the outskirts of Axis, Maxwell has a way of finding his way into other people’s lives. As a matter of fact, he makes it his business. Qualified as pushy to some, Mr. Iminaris collect “historical accounts” of everyone he meets, stores his “entirely factual records” in what he reminds everyone as his Book of Deeds.

To some, the Book of Deeds is nothing but an annoying intrusion into other people’s lives and fabrications of Max’s wild imagination. However, if you happen to find Maxwell is any of the area pubs, you will want to listen to him orate from his Book of Deeds until sleep wins over your eyelids.

Standing at just over six feet tall, Maxwell commands your attention. A voice rich and resonnant, it cuts through the common hall’s chatter and right into your facination. His tall and slender build, thanks to his half-elf herritage, adds to his intregue. Add his wildly adorned jacket and imposing tome of deeds, and you’ll wonder how a man dressed so flamboiantly could hold open a book so heavy and speak as though he memorized every page.

Mr. Iminaris knows the local taverns well. It is the richest source of knowledge. Avoiding the meade whenever possible (ruins his speaking voice he’d say), he is still a convincing drunkard poser. Once he spots the crowd is ripe for an entertainer, the storytelling begins. “Captive ears and loose lips requires nothing more than a group of people in a common room with liquid encouragement!”

Max tries to make a living from his “readings” and whatever interesting leads he might overhear at the bar. “If you requires dirt on the guy down the street, look no further than the mud on my shoes!” On Maxwell’s worse days, his marks recall the information theft. If not stealing the information in front of their noses, Max has been known to slink around the dark of night. Those that know Max well know that if he’s not captivating an audience, he’s likely on a job.

Maxwell is skilled at deception and obscurity, able to sneak around when his work requires it. His business really picked up after returning from a trip to his homeland. Max returned with a musical instrument that earned him respect as a magician (though he profusely denines the claim). Once in a while, when the crowd is loosened up just right, Maxwell will perform a cantrip, or better yet, use his newly aquired elven horn to conjure mist to engulf the area. It’s not too hard to convince a liqured crowd that Maxwell disappeared with the fog. The horn had also proven quite useful with Maxwell’s lanky legs tend to fail him.

Iminaris recently uncovered some documents regarding “a Great Rift”. All of them proclaim the same prophesy, “and, lo when the moons have aligned with the great eye of afar, then shall the Great Rift be opened to signal a new age for all.” Max is all too eager to finish this exciting chapter in his Book of Deeds.

Maxwell Iminaris

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