The Great Rift

Goblin have big power

Having secured the first artifact, the party set up camp outside the Orcish territory, however it wasn’t long before Holly decided she wanted a second helping of treasure. Maxwell quickly trailed after her to hopefully talk their way out of whatever trouble she found.

This left the ‘ever so brave’ Lucant alone with their guide until meeting up with a cleric of Pelor. Having been asked to provide aid on behalf of the clerics of the watchers, the three of them quickly discovered the aid was just in time. The three of them set out to the goblin camps to pickup the last artifact, only to find a number of nasty simple traps setup by the devilish creatures.

Making their way through the perimeter, they found the goblins happily dancing around a bonfire. The party charged forward into the camp and with some quick spells and swords easily dispatched the attack. Talking to some of the captives (after confusing Lucant about weather or not they should all die or be spared) they discovered the larger goblin camp nearby held the tube portion of the artifact, and that these goblins ‘have big power’.

What is in store for them now as they head to the goblin camp?


Maddox Maddox

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