The Great Rift

Cold day in Hell

The reinforcement of the recently ‘repossessed’ stronghold has bought the villagers of Axis a little more time to escape the clutches of the Warmonger Devil. Having drawn most of the Lemures to himself Zenir, Maximillion and the devils disappeared in a blinding flash of light. Left to fend for themselves, Garomonde and Radlovic attempted to hold the line against the remaining devlish horde and its leader.

A sudden surprise visit from Childermas helped turn the tide against the marauding Levaloch. Having forced a teleporting retreat, the group recovered and tried to find the last keystone to bring them home.

Garomonde has divined the location of the last keystone, and after a dangerous encounter with some Imps, our party is close to recovering it.


Maddox Maddox

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