“The time is nigh! In but moments, everything will change!
The world as we know it, will be altered. Balances of power will shift, and the coming of the Great Rift will be upon us all! Ready yourselves my disciples, prepare for the coming storm, or be swept out by it. For it is written ‘and, lo when the moons have aligned with the great eye of afar, then shall the Great Rift be opened to signal a new age for all’. You are warned!”

But who listens to those crazy guys anyway. Prophecies and legends are myths for children. Aren’t they?


It appears there is some truth to it. A rift has appeared within the very courtroom of king Daniel upon the triumphant return of our heros. As of now, this information hasn’t been leaked to the general populace, but what will come through and is this the beginning of the end?

The Great Rift

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